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Privacy Policy (including Cookie Files Policy) of the Websites of the Ministry of Investment and Economic Development

Privacy protection

The Ministry of Investment and Economic Development attaches particular importance to respect the privacy of users visiting the Websites it administers. The information gathered in the daily logs is used only for administration of these Websites. 

Administration of the Websites

The Ministry carries out activities related to the functioning of these Websites through its organisational units: the Department of EU Funds Promotion, the Communication Department and the IT Department (address: Wspólna 2/4, 00-926 Warsaw, POLAND).

Collection of data

  • All information from our Websites’ users is gathered in two ways:
    • information provided voluntarily by the user – we request personal data when fulfilling registration and contact forms,
    • information obtained via the use of our Websites, including among others:
      • data registered in daily logs – our servers register automatically such information as: page request sent by the user, date and hour of the request, date and hour of the answer, information about the device (e.g. model of the appliance), browser type and language, type of the operating system,
      • data collected by Google Analytics in the process of monitoring the statistics of the website visits,
      • Internet Protocol (IP) address – each computer connected to the internet has its unique number, i.e. IP address which allows, for example, to determine the country of user’s internet connection,
      • small text files, the so-called cookies, sent to the user’s computer while visiting the internet site.
  • The Administrator of the data included in these Websites is the Minister of Investment and Economic Development.

Cookies mechanism

  • Internet browser can store cookieson computer's hard drive. These files contain the information necessary for the proper functioning of our Websites.
  • The content of the cookie files do not allow to identify the user.
  • Personal information about our Websites’ users is not processed or stored through cookies.
  • The cookies mechanism is not used to obtain any type of information about the users.
  • The Ministry is storing cookies on users’ computers in order to:
    • appropriately adjust its Websites to users’ needs,
    • remember preferences and individual settings of the user,
    • create statistics concerning the viewership of its Websites.
  • The user has the possibility to change the settings of the internet browser in order to partially or entirely disable the storage of cookies on computer’s hard drive. Please note that certain features of our Websites may not be available once cookies are disabled.

Use of information

  • The information collected by our Websites is intended to provide the users with certain services, to serve administration and statistical purposes and to protect our Websites.
  • The company Google Inc. also has access to this data (through the use of the statistical functionality provided by Google Analytics). Social networks such as: Facebook and Twitter have also access to this data (through the presence of the plugs allowing sharing content).
  • On our Websites you can find buttons, tools or content directing to services of other companies, i.a. plugs of social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter or Google+), maps (Google Maps), films (Youtube). Use of these applications can result in sending information about users to those external subjects.
  • The information is also used for marketing purposes (remarketing activities), in order to adapt the advertising message to users’ preferences, including advertisement broadcasted by external partners. Such information is anonymous and do not contain personal data.
  • On the basis of information obtained through our Websites, the Ministry may draw up statistical breakdowns that can be disclosed to third parties. However, these breakdowns do not include any information allowing to identify individual users.
  • The Ministry insures the fulfilment of user’s rights resulting from the provisions of the Article 32 of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926, with subsequent amendments), including in particular: the right to have an insight into his/her personal data, to withdraw the consent to the processing of his/her personal data at any time, to request the update of the data and to raise an objection against the processing of his/her personal data in cases listed in the provisions of the above mentioned Act.


The Ministry attaches particular importance to protect its Websites against unauthorized access of third parties. In this purpose we use among others: firewall, servers’ protection appliances, encryption devices and physical security measures. As our Websites contain links to third party websites we recommend you to read the privacy policy of those webpages operated by third parties.

Changes of browser settings

Users of our Websites can change their settings concerning cookie files at any moment. Detailed information about the possibilities and methods of use of the cookie files is available in the respective browsers:        


In case of any changes to the terms of our Websites’ Privacy Policy, an adequate notice will be published on this subpage.